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And awaken your drive.

Volkswagen Presents

The New Volkswagen Scirocco

Sonic Highway

Awaken your Drive

To see beyond the ordinary... sometimes you have to listen

How do you want to Awaken your drive??

How do you want to Awaken your drive?

How do you want to
Awaken your drive?

How do you want to Awaken your drive? How do you want to Awaken your drive?


The premium multi-function display includes an optional RNS 510 Radio Navigation System, which lets you plot your route in advance, for a quick dash around town or a long scenic drive through a mountain pass. You’ll be able to load up movies or audio files for driving tracks and passenger entertainment on the DVD drive, while Bluetooth technology will keep your attention where it should be, on the road. The instrument gauge lets you keep an eye on your charge pressure, oil temperature and your lap time.

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The New Scirocco’s sports contoured seats, with a Vienna Leather trim in your choice of colour, provide exceptional lateral support when cornering. They are designed to let you appreciate every moment of your driving experience to its fullest.

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The RCD-510 MP3 6-disc CD changer is perfect for creating long playlists for the open road. The optional DynAudio Excite sound system, with an output 300 watts, four bass speakers and eight DynAudio loudspeakers, delivers an intense, crisp music experience to enhance your journey.

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The leather-covered multi-function steering wheel with dual clutch gearbox DSG® paddles for quick gear changes has more to offer than just an attractive appearance. An array of controls puts the finer touches of your driving experience at your fingertips.

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Every detail inside the New Scirocco is designed to come to life on the open road. Each dial, display and button work together for one purpose, to Awaken your Drive. The interior includes an aluminium finish that brings to life the New Scirocco’s sportiness, enhancing every detail of the cabin.

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Bold design meets sporty character. With curved LED headlights and an aggressive radiator grille, The New Scirocco’s striking front-end is a testament to its sporting pedigree. The Volkswagen emblem sits stylishly between the redesigned fog lights and indicators, keeping the New Scirocco on the cutting edge of design.

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LED headlights produce twice the illumination with half the power, effectively revealing the road ahead of you. Their inclusion improves both the functionality and overall design of the New Scirocco.

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R-style rear and front bumpers, with LEDs in the tail lights and number plate give the New Scirocco a polished, modern finish.

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Stylish alloy wheels come in three standard varieties:

The 17” Long Beach set for the 132kW
The 18” Norwich set for the 162kW
The 19” Cadiz set for the 188kW

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Daring headlights, stylish alloy wheels, redesigned door handles and R-type bumpers combine seamlessly into the performance driven, head-turning silhouette of the New Scirocco.

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When you put your foot down, The New Scirocco will take you to 100km/h in only 5.5 seconds, and beyond that to a maximum speed of 250km/h, very quickly.

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The Scirocco delivers power with the smallest touch on the accelerator, delivering performance the moment you ask for it. Choose between the 132kW and the 162kW TSI engines which offer direct fuel injection and exhaust turbo charging, assuring dynamic and responsive output. The 6-speed dual clutch gearbox DSG® is available on the 2.0 TSI model and combines the advantages of a manual and an automatic gearbox.

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The New Scirocco is designed to enhance every detail of your driving experience. Power is good. But power precisely when you need it is better.

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Your journey has just begun

Experience a journey behind the wheel of the new Volkswagen Scirocco
for yourself – a sports coupé designed to amplify every detail
and Awaken your drive.

The New Volkswagen Scirocco

Sonic Highway

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